As the best supplier of high valued products

This company was founded in Settsu period of Osaka in February 1986 as a company for making detailed parts for hydraulic and marine diesel engines and machinery. In July 2004, the company was relocated to "Tsuda Science Hills" located in the Kansai Academic Research City of Hirakata in hopes to make a further leap to succession.
The name "Shinwa" comes from the combination of "Growth" and "Harmony".

As the name states, we have grown our business steadily while sticking to the company's motto of "Quality First" in collaboration with our customers (joint R&D) as our foundation. We are proud to have such a corporate culture that we managed to create by not only our dedication alone, but also guidance and feedback from our counterparts (major companies). This allowed us the ability to construct a better management system creating higher quality products.

We will continue to provide customers with a technique called "trust" which we've valued since the beginning of our foundation. The technique consists of "gaining trust, credibility and satisfaction from our customers with "quality first" as our main axis. We will continue to make efforts to be a company which furthers the growth and development of our products, and meet the needs of our customer's expectations as a business. We appreciate their continuation generous support.