Ability of manufacturing reliable products constantly

Trust, high value and traditional techniques

The company known as Nomi Manufacturing, the predecessor of Shinwa was founded in 1986. Since then, we’ve developed fine products of machinery which people fine hard to refuse, thus we accumulated much more experience and production. Looking back at our history, we gained irreplaceable trust and a "great unit of fine craftsmanship" from such experiences.
We put great value on the idea that a product’s value and quality should be heightened by elaborate finishes of material, not only on the surface but also in hard-to-see areas of detail. This means, manufacturing is the embodiment of both wisdom and human resources.

 For example ...

Making a Cylindrical hole finish...,
Even though this may look simple, it is packed with the highest level of processing technology.

Our Basic philosophy is "Quality is created in the process of manufacturing" thus, we create higher quality products.

Utilizing the best technology (craftsmanship) to the fullest of our capacity, we provide a wide range of product processing and assembly under collaboration centered on joint research and development with our customers. We believe that we developed high quality products by maintaining an attitude of not disappointing the customer's expectations, being very strict and precise in the creation of our own products, and keeping our passionate employees united as one unit.

We are making efforts to not only take responsibility for the quality of our products but also to continue to increase the value of our products guaranteeing 100% quality.

R&D for creation and acquisition of new technology

We have regular R&D meetings and ad hoc ones whenever necessary. In addition to the staff in charge, employees who are not in charge may participate in the conference. Opinions from employees not affiliated with this department can broaden the perspectives and can lead to great progression. We believe that this attitude will bring forth more enhanced technology.

Technique from experienced engineers to young employees

Creating a strong company is necessary transmit good machinery and processing technology from the Shinwa Company. It is necessary to form a strong company. In order to maintain such a strong manufacturing industry, we believe that it is important to focus on fostering the next generation of human resources from skilled engineers making them too skilled and very experienced engineers.
The possibility for manufacturing continues and is rapidly spreading day-to-day. Shinwa is aiming for the highest creativity possible and is constantly looking ten to fifteen years ahead. This is so Shinwa can keep up with the speed of the advancement of technology.
Please have good expectations for Shinwa's future.