Shinwa's from beginning to present

Shinwa started in a small place in a garage that was named "Nomi Seisakusho" in 1986. We encountered many trials and tribulations, but even still, we were able to overcome the hardship with warm support from our customers and unified passion of our staff members.

We will continue to make further progress to move forward as a business to meet the expectations of our customers.

February, 1986 Nomi Seisakusho founded in Settsu, Osaka
May, 1986 Structure change into Shinwa Precision Machinery Co., Ltd
June, 1986 Started trading with DAIKIN INDUSTRIES, LTD.,
Started trading with DAIKIN sauer Danfoss, LTD.
September, 1986 Started trading with Nisshin Electric Co.
May, 1987 Started trading with Sumitomo Eaton (current EATON INDUSTRIES LTD.)
June, 1988 Started trading with DAIHATSU DIESEL MFG.CO.,LTD
April, 1990 The factory relocated in Ibaraki, Osaka
May, 1995 Started trading with PEGASUS SEWING MACHINE MFG. CO.,LTD
June, 1997 Founded Settsu factory
July, 2004 Increase in Capital to 30 million yen
July, 2004 Relocated in located in "Tsuda Science Hills" of Kansai Academic Research City in Hirakata, Osaka (Integrated Ibaraki/Settsu factory for business expansion)
December, 2004 Started trading with NACHI-FUJIKOSHI CORP.
November, 2006 Started trading with Tokyo Kikai Seisakusho, LTD
November, 2008 Add the second factory at the current ground
December, 2008 Started trading with Bridgestone Corporation
August, 2012 Founded Vietnam Factory (KSM)
May, 2013 Started trading with Bridgestone Chemitech Co.,Ltd.
April, 2014 Started trading with Nachi Tohoku Seiko
April, 2014 Started trading with Nachi Hydraulics
January, 2015 Started trading with HORIUCHI MACHINERY Co., Ltd.
April, 2015 Started trading with Nabtesco Corporation.
March, 2019 KSM Vietnam new factory completed