Shinwa parts are used even here!

Detailed parts for hydraulic and marine diesel engines

Our manufactured parts are used for diesel engines and hydraulic mechanism, which are key elements of power for large ships and heavy equipment. We receive request from major manufactures to conduct joint development of parts packed with the latest "know-how" productions which is a part of innovation technological. Although it is not usually noticed in everyday life, marine transportation, construction and civil engineering is known all over the world.

Main business items (Manufactured products)

  • Manufacture and Assemble parts for precise Hydraulics
  • Manufacture and Assemble parts for Ship Diesel Engines
  • Manufacture for Convertibles
  • Manufacture parts for Industrial Sewing Machines
  • Manufacture parts for Printing Machines

Case 1 : Precise hydraulic parts for heavy machinery

Construction machines such as power shovels are operated with hydraulic pressure. Just by moving one lever, we can provide powerful and or delicate movements when excavating the ground or fluids into a vehicle. It is widely used process by Shinwa Seisakusho for hydraulic parts which supports (Transmit) the movement, undercarriage, and the body parts for constructing machinery. Rotating and travelling parts are the core of all machinery which makes them a very important component in construction, therefore must be properly stabled at all times.

Case 2 : Diesel engine parts for large Ships

We manufacture important parts that are reliable and durable in order to ensure the safe operation of ships. Diesel engines are processed by Shinwa Seisakusho and used for large passenger ships, large tankers that are often used on the ocean around the world.