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Handling of personal information

1.Legal compliance

We shall recognize the importance and comply with laws and other rules related to protection of personal information as for handling of customers' personal information in this website.

2.Acquisition of personal information

In this website, we may collect customers' personal information (a name, an address, a telephone number, a mail address and the like) in order to deal with inquiries from customers. We shall collect, use and provide customers' personal information to the necessary extent in a fair and appropriate manner.

3.Purpose of use of personal information

Customers' personal information is used only for the purpose of using this website provided, however, that the person him/herself has given consent and handling of such information is permitted as an exception by a law. We handle customers' personal information within the scope of the purposes below.

Identity confirmation
・Confirmation and reference of what is registered
・Gathering of opinions and feedback
・Dealing with inquiries and others

4.Provision of personal information to a third party

We shall never disclose or provide customers' personal information to a third party without permission, provided, however, that we may disclose and provide customers personal information without permissions when any information is required to disclose by a law or a public organization such as a court and police department.

5.Disclose, correct, delete or stop the use of personal information

In case the person him/herself or the proxy requests or inquires to disclose, correct, delete or stop the use of personal information that we have, we shall deal with it appropriately based on a provision of a law.


We use cookie to provide more appropriate service to customers. Cookie doesn't infringe on privacy by identifying a customer's personal information and others. A customer can display that this website uses cookie beforehand and refuse to accept the cookie by setting a customer's browser, but please note that a customer may not receive a service appropriately.

-cookie is one of the Internet capabilities and can memorize what was once described on the viewer's computer.

7.Log acquisition

We acquire logs as for access situation of this website. Acquired log information is used only for statistical information. Acquired log information shall never be disclosed to a third party.


We may ask a customer to register his important personal information in the time of registration for the use of service in this website. In that case, we shall manage it in our dedicated server protected by a security system such as Firewall and try to prevent illicit access from an outside and information leakage.


This website includes a link to external websites. Please check a handling of personal information of a linked website as for handling of personal information of an external website.


We shall not take any responsibility for damage incurred by using any information acquired in this website and other web pages that is linked from this website.

11.Correction and improvement of the Privacy Policy

We may, in the future, correct and improve this privacy policy along with changes of laws and regulations. In that case, we shall notify of its correction and improvement in this webpage.


Please contact below for opinions and inquiries as for the handling of personal information of this website.

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