Quality management

Our goal is to reach the high-standard of quality "100% Alpha"

Quality check during inspections of our departments is essential with our motto "Quality First". It is how we value the relationships among our employees and the trust of our customers. In our departments, inspections (or measurement checks) are conducted to determine whether or not the assembled / finished products meet the dimensional standards and level of tolerance.

No-tolerance and strict checks

We conduct strict checks one by one by picking up as many numbers of random samples as possible or by using more than one inspection devices for products which are required to be more sophisticated than others. We believe that a no-tolerance motivated attitude toward our products will allow for great results and high-quality products when finished surpassing the 100% completion. This will further the deepen relationship and trust with our faithful customers.

We use a three-dimensional measuring device for inspecting multilaterally, high-precision products.

By using a high-performance device that can measure all angles of a product excluding just beneath the unit, this is so we are able to strictly inspect whether it is processed according to the drawing of the blueprint. As for the accuracy of tolerance being 5/1000, we set a higher goal of 2/1000 to make room for less error. By achieving this goal, we are able to make direct improvements to the accuracy of our machinery.